Here’s another proof that contemporary groupware is as socially inept as their authors. It’s also a personal reminder not to accept invitations to social networks before knowing what I’m getting into. Yes, my mom taught me well.

I just got two consecutive invitations to join Quechup, Yet Another Social Network™. My first reaction: “DO… NOT… CLICK!”. Even though the two invitations originate from people I respect, I decided to take a look at this social marvel before accepting the invitation. Oh boy… this is the ugliest social network I’ve seen in a long time. It almost beats a very ugly and disfunctional web page I recently stumbled upon.

My brain shouts: “WAIT A SEC, THIS IS AN UGLY DATING SITE. GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!”. Now why would my friends invite me to an ugly dating site? Something is not right. Quick! Alt-tab-tab-tab and I land on iChat where I read “IGNORE THOSE INVITES!” and “KILL QUECHUP!”.

It turns out that the geniuses behind this new brilliant online software decided that it was a good idea to send invitations to everyone in the new member’s address book, without asking for permission nor informing them. I guess they probably figured out that getting hundreds of “out of the office” e-mail bounces is enough notification…

BRAVO! Marketing geniuses these folks are. I hope their lawyers are also geniuses, because they will probably get sued and bomb.

You see, mom was right! Now do yourself (and a few tomatoes) a big favor, stay away from Quechup.