For a while now I’ve been trying to focus on things that really matter. That is highly subjective, of course, and not an easy task. But with so much knowledge and resources on our hands, focusing on projects that target only an exit strategy is no longer appealing to me. While life takes us on a quest for success and external happiness, we can choose to stop for a second to realize that the really important things are in front of our very eyes.

As I often say it, the future is already here, it’s just all broken. That is a negative statement, I am aware of it. But I strongly believe that technology professionals have the moral obligation of fixing their mess, not just substantially contribute to entropy while focusing on financial growth.

While Google advocates not being evil, a new trend is rising: not being evil isn’t cool anymore, being good is the new black. I’m not fully convinced that this falls in the things-that-really-matter bucket. Yet it’s definitely something that keeps start-up folks motivated. Still, isn’t it just a fashionable facade in front of our crave for growth?

There are many things to fix — the list is long. I’ve been recently investigating one of them: Education; more specifically, the North American education system. I had the chance to meet a few American and Canadian Educators that think outside the box, yet (with a couple of exceptions) these forward looking people still appear to me as living in the past. A little research shows a few ongoing efforts to improve the Educational System, but I believe that what is required is not just a bit of dusting but a major re-thinking of what Education is all about, a true revolution.

While doing a bit of research, I bumped into this video that presents the Education system as we know it, as we lived it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.