Emru beats odds!

June 5, 2008

Just got fantastic news from Tamu: A match was found for Emru!

From the press release:

“Despite lack of knowledge among the general public and a shortage of potential bone marrow donors from diverse ethnic groups, a Montreal father of African Caribbean descent has found a match. Animation and technology writer and blogger Emru Townsend, 39, diagnosed with leukemia in mid-December, is married and the father of an eight-year-old son. He is appealing to Montreal’s 188 000 black community members and the greater Toronto area’s 345 000 black community members to learn more about being a bone marrow and stem cell donor to help patients of African and African Caribbean descent in Canada and around the world.”

While these are great news, it’s just a first step: Emru must get into remission, stay in remission, be prepared for surgery, have the surgery, resist or fight off infection, risk the donation attacking his body, his body attacking the donation, and get through the first 100 days.

Furthermore, many other people are still waiting for a matching donor. As Tamu puts it:

“There are still massive shortages in the donor pool, and this will not change unless we continue to care about it. What we do will only be known at the end of March next year. What do we want to see when we get those numbers? That 100 more people have registered or 1000? 10000?”

Let’s not forget: we can choose to help saving lives by simply:

  1. Registering to our local donor registry — today.
  2. Spreading the word: most people don’t know about bone marrow donations, and many still think a transplant is a risk to their own health and very painful — that’s over-dramatization.

Here is the official press release:

Emru Press Release – June 5th 2008