Getting ready for DEMO 08

January 28, 2008

After an exhausting flight, sprinkled with incidents all along the way from Montreal to Los Angeles (including a long delay in Toronto, an emergency landing in Las Vegas, plus two-hours driving under crazy rain on freeway 10 while avoiding upside-down crashed SUVs…) we finally made it to Palm Springs for Demo 08.

After sleeping a couple of hours, we woke up and rushed to The Desert Springs where the event takes place. The Cozimo team spent some time reviewing the demo script and getting ready for the on-stage rehearsal. The demo is far from being polished yet, but the event team seemed satisfied with it; plus, we have until Wednesday to rehearse, so I’m confident it’ll be OK. Demoing a real-time collaborative visual environment with only one on-screen video signal is a real challenge!

DEMO 08 will be rich in presentation styles. While waiting for Cozimo’s turn to go on stage, I had the chance to follow a few rehearsals. Among coconuts and guitar players, I witnessed the rehearsal of Montreal’s latest and greatest: Xtra-normal. Their technology is simply impressive. Congratulations to the team and good luck with your 6 minutes show.

best of demo 08?

Now I have to rest a bit. I’m looking forward to meeting other demo animals tomorrow. If you are in Palm Springs, drop by for a private Cozimo demo at station 69.

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